Our team is passionate about offering a range of group experiences, workshops and specialised clinics for children and their carers. We believe the opportunity to combine therapies and children offers a fun and dynamic social learning environment which targets specialised developmental skills.

Our team believes that learning is ongoing, and 1 small bit of information or change can make a big difference in supporting yourself and your child to grow. Our team is happy to work with you, family, learning environments, community groups, sports clubs or organisation to provide education sessions on a range of developmental topics and situations. Please call to discuss your ideas further.

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Currently not available

SleepWise Workshop Program

20 October 2019 -
20 October 2019

A workshop for parents who would like support regarding their child’s sleep. Families will gain an understanding on positive sleep practices for their child.
Sleep is important for growth, health, learning and emotional wellbeing. Lack of adequate sleep impacts on our coping skills, concentration, behaviour, physical coordination and on family life. Some families may be finding it challenging if their child:

• Takes more than 30 minutes to settle to sleep
• Wakes during the night
• Co-sleeps with their parents
• Wakes early in the morning
• Doesn’t get enough sleep

In this workshop, parents will be provided with information to understand sleep and sleep disturbances as well as strategies that may be useful in managing their child’s sleep disturbances. The workshop will also focus on ways to assess a child’s sleep and develop individual sleep plans using the strategies chosen by the family.

The information is based on the SleepWise Program which is designed to assist families of children with developmental delays.
The SleepWise Program consists of 3 parent education sessions and 2-3 individual session to discuss individual plans/progress.

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Term 4 / Intensive 6-week program

The Alert Self-Regulation Program – How Does Your Engine Run

14 October 2019 -
13 December 2019

The Alert Program®, with its user-friendly approach, helps anyone articulate their inner experience of self-regulation (how alert they feel). Self-regulation awareness turns into action with the program’s simple, low budget strategies and resources. The program emphasizes how to change alert levels throughout the day, making it easy to get out of bed, work, play, learn, learn at school, relax, socialize, and go to bed.

The Alert Program® is a judgment-free zone that starts with the understanding that we are all sensory processors. We touch, see, hear, taste, smell and move through space. And it’s up to our brains and bodies to make sense of all that. That’s a lot of incoming information before we even get to any learning.

The program aims to teach children and adult how to help regulate their nervous system to promote their optimal functioning in everyday life.

Groups are run based on children’s age with a maximum of 4 children per group.

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Time: 10 weeks / Tuesday 9 – 10am

Developmental Coordination Group

20 April 2020 -
30 June 2020

An early intervention group run by Occupational and Physiotherapists. Aims to promote gross motor and fine motor skill development in 4-8-year-old children with developmental delays. This group is theme based and a lot of fun. It helps kids to master basic active skills and preschool readiness skills. Group is limited to 4-6 children.

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20 October 2019 -
20 October 2019

We currently offer hydrotherapy to clients on an individual, needs basis. If you wish for your child to participate in a hydrotherapy program, this can be discussed with one of our Physiotherapists. Hydrotherapy currently only offered on a 1:1 basis, either on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday between 1.30-3.00pm.

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Cost: $70

Neonatal Anterior Dynamic Ultrasound Clinic

01 September 2019 -
01 September 2020

This is a walk-in clinic where newborn babies (0-10 days of age) can be seen without an appointment, by a physiotherapist and sonographer to examine hip status using Dynamic Ultrasound. The amount of movement in the baby’s hips is measured and discussion occurs on how to promote good hip movement and best manage hip development.

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