Physio@1 Stop is a specialised paediatric physiotherapy practice within the multidisciplinary group which forms 1 Stop Health.

We provide advice and assistance to parents and families through the developing years of a child’s life, from birth to eighteen years. We have a family centred approach where our aim is to help parents understand the needs of their child and ensure that the child’s health and development are as good as they can be.

We aim to help parents enjoy and understand the development and growth of their child and assist with programmes which will encourage participation in appropriate activities to work towards good posture, co-ordination and skill development.


We work with infants, children, adolescents and their families to:

  • Promote optimal movement
  • Maximise physical function
  • Protect growing bodies
  • Assist with recovery after accident, injury or surgery
  • Develop exercise programmes to improve fitness, strength and good health
  • Help families assist the development of their children

We work together with families and other members of our team including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Nurses, Teachers, Orthotists as well as local and visiting doctors, to maximise the child’s health and wellbeing.

If you have concerns with your child’s posture, gait, co-ordination, shoe wear or skill development we can assist you to help improve these areas for your child. If you would simply like to know more about typical baby development and play opportunities, we can help too.

As children grow, they may experience balance and coordination difficulties or joint pain. You may notice a tendency to poor posture or an unwillingness to participate in activities. We can offer advice and assistance with encouraging suitable programs to help.


For further information on Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy for young children explore the following information sites.

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