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What is Psychology?

Parenting can be a challenging role, particularly if your child has developmental delays. Child psychologists are specially trained to assess and work with children, identify any problems, and make recommendations. A psychologist can suggest different approaches to manage your child's behaviour, help your child cope with changes and challenging situations, boost your child's learning progress at school and build your child's social skills and resilience.

Sometimes the psychologist will assess your child's development, using enjoyable puzzles, games and questioning. It can be useful to collect information from your child's teacher or other professionals involved, or to observe your child in their preschool or school setting.



A written report can be provided if necessary. You do not need a referral from your child's doctor or paediatrician to see a psychologist, but it is a good idea to talk to the doctor first. Where appropriate, the doctor may write a referral to a psychologist to enable you to access some Medicare benefit towards the cost.

Our Psychologist is Vanessa Baylis




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